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Majisa Translogistics Service is the most reliable and trusted company in the Indian Logistics Market. We are experts in offering door-to-door services to our reputed clients. You will have a cost-effective, secure, timely, and efficient solution for all shipments across the globe. We are recognized among the best logistics and courier company in worldwide.

The corporate vision of Majisa Translogistics service is to be a leading warehouse and distribution medium that can support all aspects of our clients’ supply chain from international to domestic transport. By combining these proven local enterprises, we offer customized value-added supply-chain solutions to our trustworthy clients’ who are challenged by sophisticated international trade requirements. We serve top-rated supply chains through Air & Sea Transportation and involve courier of documents and parcels to all parts of the world anytime. Our logistics team is thoroughly trained and specialized in supplying Hazard and Non-hazard commodities like chemicals, bulk medical equipment, machines, medicines and liquid.

We involve importing and exporting bulk shipping, trans-shipment coordination, massive cargo handling, warehousing, transportation, clearing, and forwarding necessary goods documents.

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We are the Global Logistics Leader and provide quick, safe, reliable and comprehensive solutions you are looking for.

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Our Modes

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We ensure our customers be informed with accurate information through Road transportation. The medium can be a truck where you will be provided shipment at a competitive price with highly reliable door-to-door services.

We have Air transport, a comprehensive and efficient network to ensure you on-time delivery with zero error. Being partners with airlines and freight forwarders, we offer seamless air transportation to our clients globally.

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We have connected to Indian Railways and other railways globally to offer hassle-free shipment to our customers on the given deadlines. Our valuable customers are first priority to us, and we never make them feel frustrated and sophisticated.

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We also have a wide connection through Ocean Transportation to ensure our clients’ cargo reaching the correct destination within the right time and in a cost-effective way. Our alliances with ship carriers handle every major container port worldwide.

Our Clients

Require Assistance with Fast and Reliable Courier Solutions; We Are the Best!